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In the realm of Azul Siete, where the sea meets the sun’s golden kiss,
Blue Seven rises, a tale of swim trunks that’s more than just bliss.

Not confined to mere beachwear, it’s a vibe that sets you free,
A celebration of freedom and California’s endless glee.

Picture the waves of lifestyle, dancing along the sandy shore,
Azul Siete brings the party, a symphony you can’t ignore.

Prints that tell stories, inspired by each sunlit glance,
Born on a July day in 2012, a radiant California romance.

It’s not just a brand; it’s a fiesta of fun and flare,
Azul Siete, a worry-free lifestyle, a vibrant summer’s air.

Where every moment’s a rhyme, and the spirit of freedom is near,
In the world of Azul Siete, where ‘it’s always summer somewhere’ you’ll hear.